Locate Investigations
Identify and Locate Individuals or Companies Worldwide

Locate Investigations

Locate Investigations are undertaken to identify and determine the current whereabouts of individuals (defendants, heirs, beneficiaries, witnesses, property owners) or company representatives (officers, directors, shareholders, executives) sought in connection with legal or business matters.

These investigations can also be conducted to identify companies or other legal entities (organizations, trusts) and associated individuals.

IRI will execute standard and innovative location techniques on a cost-effective and diligent basis - even when supplied with minimal  identifying information.

The vast majority of subjects sought are successfully located by the firm.

When required, information concerning the financial position or background history of the subject individual or company can be developed during the course of a locate investigation.

IRI is able to undertake these matters with minimal information and can limit the scope and resultant cost of this service as directed.  Complete written reports are provided upon completion of investigation.

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Submit your case interest online and we will respond via email or telephone within minutes. You can also use Live Chat to discuss a matter with an investigator during normal business hours. All matters are held in strict confidence.

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