Child Custody/Parental Abduction Recovery
Investigative Support in Matters Related to Child Custody

Child Custody/Parental Abduction Recovery

Investigative Resources International provides investigative support in matters related to the custody of minor children.

Fact-finding assignments can determine the background, character, activities and associations of an individual or other relevant facts relating to an individual's fitness.

IRI also provides assistance during court ordered visitation periods. IRI will accompany and protect a client during private or public meetings as well as discreetly observe and document these events.

IRI investigators are experienced in the location and recovery of children missing as a result of parental abduction. Upon positive location of the missing child or children, IRI will act as liaison with the appropriate law enforcement agency to effect a successful recovery. IRI will report all relevant facts discovered during the course of investigation to law enforcement should criminal prosecution be pursued. IRI has successfully located and recovered abducted children on a local, national and international level.

Investigative Resources International is sensitive to the complex and emotional nature of these matters and takes great precaution to ensure the welfare of the children involved.

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