Economic/Industrial Espionage
Trade Secret Protection, Threat Mitigation

Economic/Industrial Espionage

Companies concerned with the protection of trade secrets and the mitigation of threats posed by excessive, overly aggressive or illegal competitor intelligence operations will realize many benefits by utilizing the skilled professionals of Investigative Resources International.

Our investigators and analysts will develop and implement effective protective measures, threat countermeasures, and response planning programs to enhance the protection of your company's intellectual property, strategic plans, and other valuable information.

Investigative Resources International can combat campaigns of economic sabotage directed against your company when other measures fail. Independent investigation and other strategic responses can be employed to identify, isolate and expose individuals and groups engaged in malicious, destructive behaviors.

The physical and legal protection of trade secrets can better be realized with the assistance of IRI's professional staff. Let us assist your firm legally establish the value of your proprietary data with an effective protection program, suited to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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Submit your case interest online and we will respond via email or telephone within minutes. You can also use Live Chat to discuss a matter with an investigator during normal business hours. All matters are held in strict confidence.

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