Consumer/Financial Fraud Investigations
Fraud Schemes and Financial Scams

Consumer/Financial Fraud Investigations

Investigative Resources International provides assistance to individuals and groups victimized by consumer fraud schemes.  We are experienced in the investigation of a variety of consumer crimes including confidence scams, elderly abuse, identity theft, investment schemes, telemarketing scams, and many other crimes of persuasion and violations of trust.

Our investigators are experienced in many types of fraud schemes and financial scams to include mortgage fraud, prize and lottery fraud, COVID-19 scams, debt collection fraud and fake charities.

When an individual or group is adversely affected by a consumer fraud operation, but insufficient evidence exists to initiate a law enforcement response, IRI can provide a solution. Our investigators are able to substantiate concerns and to identify, locate and assist law enforcement to arrest and prosecute offenders.

Investigative Resources International also conducts fraud-related investigations in support of legal counsel in civil cases filed on behalf of victims of fraud schemes or financial scams.

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