Background Investigations
Individuals, Companies and Organizations

Individual Background Investigations

An Individual Background Investigation or Personal Background Investigation provides information useful to determine a person's general character, stability and trustworthiness.

This investigation will normally ascertain the subject's true identity, name usage, residence address history, associations, business ownership interests, employer or other income sources.

In addition, a thorough search of the subject's civil litigation history, criminal background and arrest history can be undertaken within the region the subject currently resides or in counties, states or countries of previous residence, employment or travel.

Investigation can also be directed to conduct a deep-web search of the individual's social media and online activities.

The investigation can provide the subject's driving history and personal financial profile including ownership interests such as real property or motor vehicles and liabilities including bankruptcies, civil judgments, evictions, notices of default or foreclosure, and state or federal tax liens.

A personal background investigation may be fundamental or complex depending upon the subject individual and matters at issue.

Company Background Investigations

A Company Background Investigation or Corporate Background Check provides information useful to determine the structure and condition of any business entity, be it a sole proprietorship or multinational corporation.

Working with minimal information, IRI will determine the legal business names, size and type, ownership and key executives, parent company (if any), facility locations, branches, subsidiaries, holdings and interests, business activities and practices; as well as civil litigation, criminal conviction and regulatory compliance histories.

Additionally, a company background investigation can identify assets and liabilities; the background of principal officers and directors; or company suppliers, vendors, employees and customers. Investigation can also be focused to develop specific information related to projects, events or other activities of interest.

These investigations can also be conducted relative to various entities to include non-profit agencies, associations, clubs and other types of organizations.

These investigations are structured to fulfill specific client requirements for purposes of investment, merger, acquisition, competitor analysis or litigation.

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