Witness Interviews/Legal Statements
Civil, Criminal and Administrative Support

Witness Interviews/Legal Statements

Reliable, accurate and thorough Legal Statements are obtained and documented or recorded as requested. Investigative Resources International investigators will locate and meet with subject parties, develop a professional rapport and elicit the truth of the matters at issue.

Our investigators will pursue Witness Interviews subsequent to a complete review of the known case facts and background.

Investigators will evaluate the witness and provide a summary of observations such as physical description, appearance, education, displayed character and other discernible characteristics.

Investigative Resources International investigators are experienced in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings and are available to provide written affidavits or oral testimony in support of these activities.

Multi-lingual investigators are often available and language interpreters can be utilized as needed.

Confidential Inquiries

Submit your case interest online and we will respond via email or telephone within minutes. You can also use Live Chat to discuss a matter with an investigator during normal business hours. All matters are held in strict confidence.

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