Investigative Consulting & Training
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Investigative Consulting & Training

Investigative Resources International InvestigativeĀ Consultants will assist in the development and implementation of security and investigation programs, departments or special investigation units (SIU). We can also support the routine operations of these departments when outside assistance is desired.

Our InvestigativeĀ Training Seminars provide effective instruction in the principles of investigation, investigative methods, analysis and problem solving.

Any employee tasked with duties which require investigative knowledge and skill will benefit from professional investigative training. Training seminars are developed pursuant to the individual needs of your organization.

Our representatives are also available to augment your seminars or training programs with segmented presentations on a wide range of topics.

IRI will provide veteran investigators to publicly speak for small groups or large organization meetings. Representatives are also available to deliver high school and university classroom lectures and participate in round-table discussion programs.

Confidential Inquiries

Submit your case interest online and we will respond via email or telephone within minutes. You can also use Live Chat to discuss a matter with an investigator during normal business hours. All matters are held in strict confidence.

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